WAIT! – Before You Rush Off To View Your Santa Letter Builder…

“Let’s Supercharge Your Results By Unlocking Their Private Label Rights (PLR) For Just $47“

Santa LetterPLR

Neill MacKenzieHello,

Neill here and congratulations for picking up the No Opt-In List Builder.  I can assure you it’s going to be a great weapon in your List Building arsenal but let’s be honest, just imagine what more you could do with it if you had full Private Label Rights Access too.

With the Santa Letter video tutorials, you can teach others how to set up their own Santa Letter business.  You’ve already downloaded the Santa Letter template, the Personalization Form template, the Script Customization Form and the all-important Mind Map.  You have personal use rights at the moment for all these items and the tutorials are all hosted by me. 

With the PLR license, you’ll download all the tutorial videos in mp4 format so that you can host them yourself.  Alternatively, you can link to my tutorials from your website. 

Want to delete my voice and use your own?  Just ask me for the Camtasia project files and I’ll send them on to you.


Just Look How Easy It is …..


We include the Santa Letter, the Personalization Form, the Mind Map AND the script customization form together with all 7 of the tutorial videos in mp4 format.


Edit the contents any way you want i.e. add you own name and logo. Want to strip the voice from the video and add your own? Just ask for the Camtasia Project files.


Upload the edited files or rebranded products onto your own server.


Just send traffic or promote your tutorials on JVZOO, Warrior Plus, Gumroad or any number of other outlets

Question: So What Can I Do With the PLR Licence?

Answer: Almost Anything.

Unlike some other PLR providers who have countless restrictions we have only two:

  • You can’t sell the Private Label Rights (PLR) – that’s our job!!
  • You can’t use my name. Use your own and make a name for yourself

But here are just some suggested uses for you:

  • [YES] Create your own tutorial showing others how to create their own Santa Letter business.
  • [YES] Add your own logo and images and call them your own.
  • [YES] Reword the Santa Letter and add your own images
  • [YES] [YES] [YES] The Santa Letter Builder comprises original content created by us and therefore you’re granted almost unlimited rights to do what you want with the PLR licence (see exceptions above)

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